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Analysis of “I Will Marry When I Want”

Literary Essays

“I Will Marry When I Want” is a play about poverty, colonialism, imperialism, exploitation, deception and fraud.  Its setting is in Kenya at a time when Great Britain had made it independent.  The two main characters Kiguunda and his wife Wangeci reveal the poverty of the Kenyans who had been stripped over the lands and made to work for meager wages.

The essay on “I Will Marry When I Want” highlights the symbolic role of the deed or title.  The prized possession of the family is a deed which is an evidence of their ownership of a small parcel of land which is not even 2 hectares.  The title is their only possession which the family considers as their wealth.  Their fellow Kenyans have all been stripped of their lands as they were either forced to sell their properties to wealthy businessmen or they failed to pay their amortizations after they mortgaged the title to their lands to banks.  Though Kiguunda and Wangeci suffer from poverty they considered their title is their only wealth and they have no intention of selling it or mortgaging it to banks.

The essay on I Will Marry When I want” also stresses the theme of exploitation of the Kenyan people in the hands of Englishmen.  In the play, the imperialists Englishmen continued to exert control over Kenya despite Kenya’s independence.  They established businesses in Kenyan lands declaring that it will help give jobs to the poor Kenyan people.  However, the businesses that were established only exploited the Kenyan people as they did not give sufficient wages.  The wages that the people received were not even enough for the people’s sustenance.  In the end, the Kenyan who worked for the wealthy businessmen only made them rich at the expense of the workers.  Meanwhile, the money earned from these businesses were not used to build schools for the Kenyan people but were sent back to Europe.

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