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Essay on Arguments against Homosexual Marriages

Essays, Essays on Marriage and Divorce

Homosexual Marriages, also known as same-sex marriages, are defined as the marriage between two persons of the same gender. The first public gay wedding in United States was performed by Rev. Troy Perry in 1969 which was not legally recognized. In 1970, the Metropolitan Community Churches filed the first-ever lawsuit seeking legal recognition of same sex marriages.

Until now, homosexual marriages are not yet acceptable in American society and in other countries as well. Those who argue against it cite religion as the main reason why it should not be legalized. For them, the bible is explicit on the matter of homosexual marriages and there is no reason why society should change its traditional and conventional views on this matter. It bears stressing that marriage is not only a covenant between the couple. In every marriage there are always three parties that are involved: the husband, the wife and the church. As revealed to the people in the Scriptures, God established this institution which is exclusive for a man and a woman.

Those who argue against homosexual marriages believe that it promotes promiscuity. Marriage for them is about monogamy and exclusivity. Its essence is to allow both spouses to live together under one roof with a promise that they will remain loyal to one another. Though it is true that opposite-sex couples are not immune from temptations and it is also likely that some opposite-sex couples could actually engage in extramarital relations with other persons, the said tendency however is more apparent with homosexuals. Another reason why some are against homosexual marriages is that it does not promote the well-being of both spouses. According to studies, homosexual marriages pose health risks to both parties since the couple is more likely to engage in risky and biologically unnecessary sexual practices exposing each other to the possibility of acquiring AIDS and other sexually transmitted disease.

Only the future will decide whether society will change its views about homosexual marriages. As of now, it may appear that the arguments against homosexual marriages are valid and legitimate. Marriage is about mutual love and respect. This cannot be attained in homosexual marriages.

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