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Essay on Galileo Galilei

Essays, Essays on Science

Perhaps more than anyone, Galileo Galilei is the man behind the birth of modern science. Galileo has many discoveries and inventions that have greatly influenced life as we know of it today. How he lived his life can fascinatingly be written on an essay on Galileo. Why he is regarded as the father of modern science can be one way to write an essay on Galileo’s life.

His achievements can be a central focus when doing an essay on Galileo. A writer can expound on his study of stars and how this had helped study the Earth’s position in the solar system. This essay on Galileo could also discuss how the Catholic church tried to stop him from teaching his theories. Exploring what could have happen if the Catholic church has succeeded in silencing him could be another interesting topic for an essay on Galileo.
Galileo Galilei has also invented many technological things that are still useful today. His inventions can be another interesting topic for an essay on Galileo. The telescope and the thermometer are just two of his inventions. When doing an essay on Galileo one can just focus on one of his inventions and describe how he made it, and his inspiration for doing it. If a writer wants to highlight how many he has invented and the significance of each, then that would be another essay on Galileo.

Another essay on Galileo can be on the literary works he had done. Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems and the Assayer are two of his written works that could be explored. Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems is about the Copernican system and Ptolemaic system. In this book he compared the two systems. The Assayer was the book where one of his discussion was about nature in the language of mathematics. is the premier provider of essay writing services.  We will help you write your essays on scientists and Galileo Galilei at a very affordable cost starting at $7.49

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