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Essay on Learning a Foreign Language

Essays, Essays on Education

In an age where globalization is the trend, learning a foreign language becomes essential. Because of globalization, citizens of one country see the need to learn a language aside from their native one. Some learn a foreign language for practical reasons while others are motivated because of aspirational, intellectual or sentimental reasons. This essay on learning a foreign language will present the reason why it is essential to learn a foreign language and the advantages of it.

When an individual has plans to migrate to a different country or region, learning the local language of the place would be necessary to be able to communicate with the people in the new place. He or she cannot integrate with the local community if he or she does not know what the locals are talking about and cannot understand the signs written in the local language. Though this is the foremost reason why some would learn a foreign language, this essay on learning a foreign language will also present some reasons why it is essential even if he or she does not have plans to migrate.

More than just learning new vocabulary words, learning a foreign language can enhance the ability of an individual to learn and function in other areas. It is like is exercising the brain to have better function in organization, memory, and expression. Aside from the great cognitive development, learning a foreign language could also help an individual be better equipped to adapt to the changes happening. As learning a foreign language also entails learning the culture of the country, the ability of the individual to tolerate diverse lifestyles and customs also improves.

Time and dedication are needed when learning a foreign language especially for adults. Learning a secondary language is never easy. It requires a lot of patience and handwork, after all there is no such thing as overnight success. It is only natural that mistakes will be encountered by anyone who tries to learn a new language as he or she progress in the process of learning. This essay on learning a foreign language believes that it would be easier if the student’s background knowledge and personal experiences is coupled with the literacy lessons.

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