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Essay on Saudi Government’s Involvement in the 2001 Terror Attack

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Essay on Saudi Government’s Involvement in the 2001 Terror Attack

The September 11, 2001terrorist attacks created physical, emotional and psychological scars on the citizens of the United States.  It left many individuals without parents, family members, friends and loved ones.  Families were affected and properties were destroyed.  Until now, the Americans are still sensitive about the September 11, 2001attack.

Investigation revealed that eleven out of the fifteen terrorists who launched the simultaneous attacks were citizens of Saudi Arabia.  It also appeared that planning on the terrorist attacks took place in Saudi Arabia.  As a result, the United States government criticized the Saudi government for their lax policies against terrorism.  In fact, there were even speculations that the Royal family may have been involved in the terrorist attacks.

There was basis to hold suspicions that the Saudi government could have been responsible for the attack.  Before the attack, the Saudi government obviously failed to take any measure to monitor the activities of suspected terrorists.  They even failed to place the name of their citizens who have been suspected of being involved with terrorist.  They also failed to restrict their travel despite the risks they pose to the United States.

Some have argued thatSaudi Arabia’s policy supported and even fostered the development of religious extremism and international terrorism within its territory.  Because of its lax policies, the Saudi government allowed the raising of funs by some charitable groups that supported extremist ideologies and terrorist groups like the Al Qaeda.

However, the 9/11 Commission Report acknowledged that there was no strong evidence that will link Saudi government to the terrorist acts.  According to the 9/11 Commission Report, while there was no full sharing of intelligence information or any joint effort between the Saudi andU.S.governments to track and disrupt the finances of the al Qaeda organization before 9/11 attacks, there were no indications that Saudi government funded these terrorists.

In fact, the United States has cleared the Saudi government of any involvement in the terrorist attacks. (“/11 probe clears Saudi Arabia” 1) It also cleared that wife of the Saudi envoy to the United States who was alleged to have given the terrorists money. (“/11 probe clearsSaudi Arabia” 1)

It was clear that Saudi Arabian government was affected by the strong criticisms coming from the United States and it allies.  It has issued statements through its representatives and heads of state condemning the terrorist attacks.  It also acknowledged that the attacks had an impact on the United States-Saudi Arabia foreign relations. For them, it could not have been possible for them to be involved with the Al Qaeda as the nation itself is focused in combating domestic terrorist threat from Al Qaeda.

Since 2003, there has been substantial improvement in the relations between theUnited Statesand theSaudi Arabia.  In fact, theUnited Statesgovernment even praised theSaudi Arabiafor its counterterrorism efforts and initiatives.  It even stated that Saudi Arabia’s counterterrorism effort was significant in the efforts to fight terrorism.  This can be interpreted as a sign of improvement in the relationship between Saudi Arabia and United States.

Because of the threat from Muslim extremists, the United States government has been particularly strict against Muslims.  In fact, Muslims have almost always been singled out for terrorism-related crimes.  They are being detained and questioned at airports.  They encounter numerous harassments when they travel.  Their properties are being thoroughly checked for fear that they may be carrying bombs.  Their bank accounts are being checked and phone records are being examined in violation of their rights to privacy.  It is as if Muslims are the only ones who should be suspected of terrorism.  The mass media have also been very critical against the Muslims.

Because of the ignorance of the public on the issues involved the Muslims.  They have also been the target of hate crimes.  In many states, they have been subjected to violence. Discriminatory treatment against Muslims is also quite common.

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