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Essay on the Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Essays on Smoking


The harmful effects of smoking are already well publicized.  Countless of studies have already been made detailing the adverse effects of smoking on a person’s health.  The federal government is also taking effort to continuously educate the public about the dangers of smoking by requiring the tobacco companies to post on their labels warnings of the evils of smoking.

Yet, the public still continue to smoke.  Perhaps, this is because smokers never realize the benefits of smoking.  Perhaps, it is because the government has not been able to mount a campaign on the benefits of quitting smoking. By focusing on the positive side of quitting smoking the public will realize that quitting has its advantages on the individual and that it is something to look forward to.

CNN recently released a news article about the benefits of quitting smoking. Below are the highlights of the article:

1. Those who quit smoking no longer experience chronic coughing.

2. Those who quit smoking no longer smell bad.

3. Those who quit smoking no longer have to clean up cigarette butts

4. Those who quit smoking save an extra $200 every month

5. Those who quit smoking improve their productivity

6. Those who quit smoking feel that the food they eat tastes better

7.  Those who quit smoking no longer have to worry about they places they go to not having a smoking area

8. Those who quit smoking no longer have to deal with dry and sticky contact lenses.

9. Those who quit smoking experiences an improvement in their physical appearance

10. Those who quit smoking can say good bye to their yellow teeth.



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