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Persuasive Essay in Favor of Total Ban on Use of Cell Phones while Driving

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Persuasive Essay in Favor of Total Ban on Use of Cell Phones while Driving

Presently, the District of Columbia and 35 states ban texting while driving.  Only 9 states and the District of Columbia ban hand-held cell phone use.  However, there is no state which has enacted laws banning the use of cell phone both handheld and hands-free for all drivers.  In many states, there are individuals who oppose the enactment of laws banning the use of cell phones both handheld and hands-free. Though many of them agree that the use of handheld phones should be banned there is a considerable disagreement insofar as whether to ban hands-free phones for all drivers.  I believe that the level of danger for handheld phones and hands-free phones are the same. For this reason, I argue that the law should be passed banning both handheld phone and hands-free phone because of the dangers they pose to drivers, their passengers and other motorists.

The first argument is that the level of distraction when using hands-free phones are the same.  Drivers have the tendency to stare straight ahead even when they are using hands-free cell phones.  This means that drivers become less attentive to what they see in front of them that they are putting their own lives and their passengers’ lives in danger.  In effect, they become blind because they become more focused on the sounds from the person whom they are communicating with.

The second argument is that it is not the driver not being able to see the road that makes texting while driving dangerous.  It is the fact that the level of concentration of most drivers who text while driving is reduced that makes it dangerous.  So, the level of concentration of drivers who use their hands-free phones while driving is also exposed to the same dangers because they become more attentive to the person whom they are talking so that they lose their attentiveness to what they are doing.

In fact, recent studies by David Strayer, a psychology professor at the University of Utah, say that in a simulation test drivers who have .08% alcohol were even faster to brake and cause fewer crashes compared to drivers who are sober but use their cellular phones while driving.

Though the proposal to ban use of cell phones while driving it unpopular, it is a law that should be passed. It may be inconvenient but it can help save a lot of lives, even the lives of people who disagree with the proposal.

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