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Essay on The Struggles in Nursing School

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Essay on The Struggles in Nursing School

You cannot just wish in a bedtime prayer that tomorrow you will wake up a registered nurse. That’s not how it is. Like most of our dreams in life, nursing school poses many hurdles and many difficulties. To be a fully licensed nurse, you have to go through four to five years of rigorous school work and internship, balancing your social life, academic requirements and exhausting field rotations. Yes, the way to being a full pledged nurse is never easy.

One of the most frustrating hardships of a student nurse is the volume of at least 2-inch books that they have to read and understand cover-to-cover. Imagine reading a book of 3000+ pages for medical-surgical nursing, with one more volume in your backpack, and another 2000+ pages of a psychiatric nursing book waiting to be explored. That sounds freaky right? That’s the time you would have wished that you should just have taken an art course. This alone makes some student nurses fail even just in their first semester. They feel like the volumes of knowledge forced into their minds are just unbearable.

Another helplessly tiring part of being a student nurse is the seemingly inhumane distribution of field rotations which clash with their academic subjects. There are times when a group of students are assigned a Monday to Wednesday night shift and is expected to report for a term exam on Thursday at seven in the morning. So even with the lack of sleep, students have no choice but to report to their examination rooms and try their bests to answer those questions even with their still foggy minds. In these situations, good time management skills are very crucial. Student nurses should learn to adapt well with this kind of orientation for they will face more of these when they get the real job.

Sometimes, it’s quite frustrating for student nurses to be assigned to a clinical instructor who seems to carry the weight of the world with her, and work with unapproachable staff nurses in their areas of assignment. These attitudes hinder the communication between the students and their supposed to be mentors, thus, intervening with the student’s learning process.

These are just some of the many hurdles that a student faces in nursing school. However, these should not be treated as such, but as challenges to further the desire of a student to learn and finish her course. The students should focus on the fruits of their labor, the beauty of what nurses can do for humankind.

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